Sunday, July 11, 2010


I just saw Eclipse.  I think I read too many amusing blog posts beforehand, because all I could think about were things like Bella's eyebrows, counting how many times Jacob appeared onscreen with his shirt on, and everyone's wigs.  I also couldn't stop wondering why no one in Forks ever commented on the Cullens' eyes.  Maybe they were distracted by their hair.  This time around, though, I think Bella's hairline stole the hair spotlight - I could not stop staring at it.

A few other things I wondered about:
  1. After spending the night shivering (even though her nose didn't turn red or drip), how was Bella able to easily stand outside in the snow without a coat on the next day?  Granted, it didn't appear as though there was any wind, but it should still have been too cold to just stand there.  Of course, Bella's breath wasn't showing either, so there were more problems with that scene than just her lack of a coat.
  2. Why do Edward and Jacob love Bella so much?  Four books, three movies, and one graphic novel later, and I still don't get it.  I suppose you could argue that Jacob is young and his hormones are just out of control, but Edward doesn't have that excuse.  Maybe her delicious scent overrode his brain?
  3. Why doesn't anyone in the Cullen family go wild for the scent of Bella's blood anymore?  Yes, Edward had that incredibly sappy answer for Bella, but that answer doesn't hold for everyone else in the family.  Bella was able to parade around in front of them after having gashed her arm open, and no one even seemed to notice.
  4. Was I the only one who cringed every time Jacob talked about how much he loved Bella and how much Bella loved him?  All I could think about was, "And very soon you will be imprinting upon her infant daughter."  Ew.
  5. Were the vampires always made of plaster?  I sure don't remember that being the case in the previous movies, and I don't remember it coming up in the books.  And yet now they shatter.  Wouldn't this sort of thing actually make them more fragile than human beings, rather than less?
For me, the best parts of the movie were:
  1. Charlie.  He was awesome, and easily the most natural, grounded character in the whole movie.  I had another one of those "gosh, Bella's relationships are unhealthy" moments (actually, multiple moments), and I felt like cheering every time Charlie told Bella he wanted her to spend more time with people besides Edward.
  2. The bit where Jacob explained to Charlie why he and Edward had been fighting.  "I kissed Bella...and then she broke her hand."  On his face.  
  3. Seth.  In human form, he's adorable.  In wolf form, if I saw him at the pound, I'd want to adopt him, scratch him behind the ears, and give him a big hug.  Who cares that, even while standing on all fours, he's still taller than I am?
Do I want to own this movie when it comes out on DVD?  No.  Although I might get it one day anyway, just because this would be a wonderful movie to watch with a group - it begs to be made fun of.

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  1. The only thing that interests me at all about the Twilight movies is seeing how they portray Forks, since I've actually spent a bit of time there.