Monday, May 10, 2010

The sad part about being a pet mommy, and my TBR mountain

I haven't posted anything in a while that wasn't a synopsis/review/commentary, because every time I tried, the result came out really depressing. Since I'm having a good morning so far, I figured I'd get that post in.

The big thing that's been going on in Library Girl's Mental Landscape lately is worry over my pet rat, who is elderly and having severe age-related issues. My vet thinks he must have hurt his back, and I think the symptoms seem more like degenerative osteoarthritis. Whatever it is, he's on steroids and has been moved to a nice, safe single-story cage where I don't have to worry he'll break a foot or a leg while I'm gone. He hasn't been getting better, but, other than a few bad days and moments, I don't think he's gotten worse. I'm not looking forward to the invisible yet in that sentence.

For distraction, there's always entertainment - my TBR pile is basically a mountain. Seriously. I ran out of bookshelf space a long while back. I had been joking that I'd just start piling them against a wall until I reached the ceiling. That's starting to not be a joke anymore - I just began the pile yesterday. So far, it's three stacks of books, one of manga, one of mass market paperbacks, and one of a mix of trade paperbacks and mass market paperbacks. The manga pile is almost 5 feet tall, and the paperback piles aren't far behind.

Anyway, the piles help relieve some of the clutter and give me a giddy book nerd feeling, but 1) it'll be really hard to get at a book I want if it's not near the top of a pile, and 2) it sort of makes it look like I'm running a used bookstore out of my apartment. I really need to pick some stuff out to sell. Or get myself more bookcases.

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