Sunday, May 23, 2010

Caught up in another anime

I've been watching The Twelve Kingdoms off and on all weekend and, for the most part, loving it. I just really, really wanted to smack Sugimoto, and I still can't figure out why Asano even existed. However, I've now gotten far enough into the show to be able to confirm that, yes, the show deals with more than just the first book of The Twelve Kingdoms - I've just begun Taiki's story. Since I haven't read past the second book yet, I'm not quite sure if the whole bit about Taiki going back to our world after getting drawn back to the world of the Twelve Kingdoms is invented entirely for the anime, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were - although this series is more faithful to the original than some anime adaptations, there are still quite a few additions and changes. Overall, I've been ok with that, aside from what I've already said about Sugimoto and Asano. I'm not liking all the expository talk that comes with Taiki's story - the writers for this show had an excessive fondness for telling over showing.

The show has been working well as a distraction - another thing I've been doing off an on all weekend is cleaning my apartment. My pet rat died a little over a week ago, and I've been having some problems being in the same room where his cage was located. Unfortunately, that room is my bedroom. So, I'm finally getting around to vacuuming, airing things out, and cleaning things up. Hopefully, that will help. I really miss the little guy, though, and it's easier to deal with when I'm not in the same room he used to be in.

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