Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adventurous reading, future reading

I'm really bad about updating my Shelfari "currently reading" list - I've actually been reading Deeanne Gist's The Measure of a Lady for a few days now and only got around to adding it today. Heck, Kelley Armstrong's Awakening never even made it onto the list - I started that one and finished it before I ever even got around to updating the list.

Anyway, back to Gist's book. I read about Gist's Maid to Match and would really like to read it (and, seriously, Blogger needs to fix its search boxes, I had to dig through a few months worth of archives to find this post because a search for "Gist" turned up nothing). There's still a few months left before that one comes out, though, so I decided to try one of her other books. I have read a grand total of two Christian fiction books - Jan Karon's At Home in Mitford and Nancy Moser's Time Lottery. At Home in Mitford was set in a town that felt like it was stuck in someone's glorified idea of the '50s. I just couldn't relate to its world or any of its characters, and the lives of its characters didn't interest me. I enjoyed Time Lottery more. I wanted to see if, in terms of its ability to interest me, Gist's writing fell more on the Karon or Moser side, and I'm happy to say that she seems to fall more on the Moser side. I'm almost done with The Measure of a Lady, and it's been interesting and, for the most part, not too preachy. I do plan on writing a full post about it, but it may be a long while before it gets published - I have a feeling I'll have an awful time coming up with a decent read-alike list. Any time I get adventurous and read something outside my usual genres and subgenres, the read-alike lists take a least a few hours to put together.

Also on my list: What the Librarian Did by Karina Bliss. The cover is terrible (I'll just tell myself that she's cosplaying or something), but I can't help but want it. If I sell some of the stinkers I've read recently, I can buy it and avoid the embarrassment of getting it via ILL.

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