Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weeks that last forever

Due to some scheduling nightmares caused by various accidents and unforeseen events, I may either be working a 7-day week this week or another 6-day week next week or the week after that. In an effort to keep myself awake at the reference desk (it being summer, weekends at the library tend to be especially slow), I might end up working on more blog posts - I'll try my best to tone any crankiness down. I do have actual work I can do at the ref desk, but none of it is stuff I can do well for more than an hour or two at a stretch - most of it requires less brainpower than a game of solitaire and is about as repetitive when it comes to mouse usage. At least this will give me some uninterrupted time to decide if any changes need to be made to the list of databases searched in my little section of the library's MetaLib search.

Update, 7/22/09 - Yup, I've got another 6-day week scheduled. There may be more to come, since one of our librarians might be out for quite some time. Sometimes it would be nice if we had enough librarians and staff so that having one or two people gone for a while wouldn't nearly cripple the library...

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  1. You can say NO to your boss when she asks you to sub for her. :)