Friday, April 10, 2009

Lots of manga

I got a package full of manga today, all kinds of volumes I'd been putting off so that I could order everything at once (with free shipping). I can hardly look at the pile of them, they make me grin too much. Oh, happy, very happy. There is Fruits Basket, High School Debut, and one of the volumes of Gravitation I'm missing. I think I may save Fruits Basket for last - maybe I can keep myself from touching it until the final volume has come out. But that's not until July...

I've very behind with my post writing. I have plenty of things I could write about (lots of movies I've see in the past month or so, a few volumes of manga, at least 4 books), I just haven't been writing. The manga I'm currently trying not to grin about too much is probably going to put me even further behind.

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