Friday, April 24, 2009

Is that really my schedule...?

My next two or three weeks will be busy. I'm going to help judge a spelling contest of some kind, attend a conference (yay, technology petting zoo!), attend a 2-day online course, attend an online presentation about RDA, teach a library intern a little about cataloging, and somehow still do my regular cataloging and maintenance work. It'll be fun, I'm sure. (Not a sarcastic statement, but I do wonder how much my regular work will suffer.) The director of my library recently commented that it was too bad that I couldn't go to our state's library association conference (the library budget being what it is and my personal budget still recovering from moving and getting my car fixed). I could only imagine how swamped I'd be if I were going, however. The saddest part, to my mind, is that I'll be missing out on a big library conference (I have only been to one conference, and it was very small and tightly focused - I'd love to attend a larger conference). Also, I'm missing out on some really interesting and useful-sounding RDA-related presentations.

I'm still hoping I'll get lucky and RDA will be postponed indefinitely. For now, the more vocal people on AUTOCAT have turned their attentions away from criticising RDA and have focused on the 505 field (contents note) instead. It's been fun, or at least interesting, and I've even participated a little off-list.


  1. Spelling contest? Sounds intriguing

  2. It turned out to be a written thing - half "choose the incorrectly spelled word in this list and then spell it correctly" and half multiple choice. For us judges, it was pretty easy - the answer key told us nearly everything we needed to know. The only thing I felt bad about was the one test where we had to count almost all of the multiple choice answers wrong because the student used lower case letters instead of capital letters - it seemed like a silly reason to count the answers as wrong.