Monday, January 12, 2009

Brain... melting...

I put in a 10 hour day today, not counting my 15 minute lunch, doing my regular cataloging work and trying to finish up my edits for the Biology databases and web links pages. Actually, the cataloging work wasn't really all that regular - today I tackled my "problem pile," which included reference books (I haven't done those before at this library - they're not necessarily hard, the procedures are just different) and derived and original cataloging. I came up with subject headings and call numbers for works containing abstracts I could barely decipher. If the professor who donated this stuff doesn't agree with my decisions, I figure he'll email me. Or he'll email my boss.

My edits for the web pages are due Wednesday morning. In theory, I could consider myself finished right now, but I want to put in another hour's worth of work tomorrow. I'm guessing that very few students ever actually look at our web links pages, but you never know.

With all this stuff making my brain go painful, I haven't gotten much done on my blog, which has, as of today, run out of scheduled posts. Will I finish something in time for the next day in my posting schedule? Well, I'll do my best.

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