Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spoilers - What's better, hidden or not?

It's been a while since I've played around with fancy stuff on my blog ("fancy" meaning anything not automatically provided by default templates or the various options available in "Compose" mode). The last time I did anything interesting, I added a third column to a Blogger template and fiddled with column sizes.

Now I'm experimenting with a way to deal with the most spoiler-heavy portion of my posts, the synopsis section. I found a bit of code on another blog that can hide the entire synopsis section, or just a portion of the section, until you click on some text to reveal it - see this blog to try this out, since I haven't implemented any of it here yet (although I might, so you can see how the same thing would work, with a lot of the CSS stripped out or modified so that it blends better with the look of my template).

I tried this out on my test blog, and it worked perfectly. I'm still playing around with the CSS - I'm not sure exactly how I'd like this to look or how well I want it to blend in with the rest of the text in a post.

Right now it's all just playing. I haven't added any of it to this blog, and I'm not sure I will, because the question is: are the synopsis sections ok? Aside from their spoileryness (word invention fun!), they tend to be the longest parts of my posts - posts might look a little less daunting if those parts were invisible unless you clicked to reveal them. Still, I know some people come to this blog because it has spoilers. Also, really, I tend to write my posts on the assumption that people reading them will be ok with spoilers - my commentary sections aren't necessarily going to be any more spoiler-free than the synopses, so why bother hiding the synopses then?

::sigh:: What I really should do is mess with the color scheme. The default color scheme is boring, but, at the same time, I'm convinced that I'll create an eyesore if I mess with it. At least the cover images relieve all that whiteness...

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