Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mountains of stuff to watch and read, growing bigger all the time

After some baking failures today (my whole wheat bread collapsed and the meringue on my cinnamon sugar pie wept), I sat and contemplated all the books I own that I haven't read yet. There are many. Many, many. And I keep finding out about books that I didn't know were out, written by authors I really like. And my pile of DVDs that I own but haven't yet watched is enormous, which is kind of funny when you consider that, only a year and a half ago, I was desperate to get more DVDs because I was dealing with TV withdrawal and had watched everything I owned at least a couple times.

So much stuff to get through, and only a normal human lifespan in which to get through them. Plus, the list grows all the time. Right now, if I could choose to be immortal, I would, just so I could stand a chance of getting through my TBR and TBW piles. Of course, unless I was also filthy rich, I'm sure that work would still interfere with my ability to get through those darn piles. ::sigh:: No win, then.

But hey, I guess insurmountable TBR and TBW piles are better than not having any piles at all, right? :)

Btw, in TBR pile-related news, remember What the Librarian Did by Karina Bliss (post is forthcoming)? I found another librarian romance while browsing the shelves of yet another used bookstore - The Librarian's Passionate Knight by Cindy Gerard. You know I bought it, oh yes, terrible cover and all.


  1. Oh, hmm, that brings up an interesting question. If you were immortal, do you think you'd ever grow weary of reading? I can't imagine I would. I'd want to learn everything I missed out on -- and there's already way too much of that.

  2. I could believe that a person could get tired of reading the same book, or even the same group of books, over and over again, but growing weary of reading altogether? No way. Every book is different in its own way, even the ones that suck - if I could, I'd read them all. :)