Sunday, June 24, 2018

REVIEW: All Systems Red (audiobook) by Martha Wells, narrated by Kevin R. Free

All Systems Red is science fiction.


This will be a short review, focused entirely on the narration. I reviewed the e-book version of All Systems Red last month, if you'd like more details about the story and how I felt about it (spoiler: I loved it).

I'm torn on Kevin R. Free's narration. I disliked him quite a bit, at first. He had a gentle and laid-back voice that I suppose fit with Murderbot's general laziness but that also made it difficult to imagine Murderbot ever killing anyone, on purpose or by accident. It was also hard to imagine Free's Murderbot ever becoming passionate about its favorite serials, although I still really enjoyed the scene where Murderbot accidentally demonstrated just how invested in Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon it was.

Free's narration eventually grew on me, and I've now listened to All Systems Red a couple times. I'd listen to Artificial Condition, the sequel, also narrated by Free, if it were available, but I'd prefer my first time through to be either in e-book or paper form.

I only noticed one mistake in Free's narration. He pronounced the word "tear" (a rip in clothing) as though it were "tear" (the water that comes out of your eyes when you're crying).

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