Sunday, February 25, 2018

Worst of 2017

I tend to hand out lower star ratings much more freely than higher star ratings, so these lists are a bit longer than my "best" lists. I generally stuck with things that I gave 1- or 1.5-star ratings to while constructing these lists, but sometimes I bent those rules a little.

Worst Books (E-books, Paper):
Worst Shorter Works (Novellas and Short Stories):
  • "The Monster of the Lighthouse" by Keikichi Osaka (mystery) - This was in a collection called The Ginza Ghost, which I reviewed as a whole.
  • "Aviva and the Aliens" by Shira Glassman (fantasy, comedy) - This was in a collection called Tales from Outer Lands. This particular story was way too goofy for my tastes, although the other one in the collection was decent.
Worst Graphic Novels (Manga, etc.):

Again, I'm being lazy and listing entire series when it's possibly just a single volume that I rated low enough for it to count as "worst."
Worst Audiobooks:

None that I can recall, or I never finished them.

Worst Movies:
  • Justice, My Foot! (live action comedy) - I gave this two stars. It had some redeeming qualities, but it wasn't anywhere near what I'd call great.
  • K: Missing Kings (anime fantasy) - Another 2-star movie. Pretty enough, but lacking in substance and a complete story.
Worst TV Series:

None that I can recall, or I never finished them.

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