Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mystic Messenger - Day 9 of Jaehee's route

Since a full playthrough of Mystic Messenger takes 11 real-time days, I decided I'd do things a little differently this time around. I'm probably going to write reviews (or maybe just quick posts?) of my different playthroughs, rather than one review of the entire game because of 1) the amount of time each playthrough takes and 2) the high likelihood that I'm not going to play certain routes (Jumin Han, ugh) or get all of the endings. At the moment, I don't plan on purposely aiming for any of the "bad" endings.

I'm currently on Day 9 of Jaehee's route and it is ♥. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm on the right track for her "good" ending. It's been a pleasure seeing her slowly become happier, and I like that her route has allowed me to occasionally chat with Zen as well. He's a sweetheart.

While Jaehee's route is technically a friendship route rather than a romantic one, it's a very intense friendship. One character half-jokingly calls Jaehee and the player character's chats dates, and Jaehee repeatedly talks about how much she enjoys talking to the player character, how she thinks about her all the time, and how talking to her gives her courage and makes her feel calm.

Part of me wishes I already owned the calling card for the game since Jaehee's voice actress sounds so nice, but that probably won't happen until sometime after I've finished this playthrough.* I suppose I'll have to replay Jaehee's route sometime in the future in order to make those calls I'd have made if I hadn't had to worry about running out of hourglasses. On the plus side, that won't be a hardship, even with the amount of time a playthrough takes. I like Jaehee so much that I'm actually a little sad I'm almost done with her route. I hope the other characters are as enjoyable as her. (Except Jumin, who I'm already convinced will be 100% an arrogant jerk. Sorry, Jumin fans - I don't see how he could not suck. The only good thing about him is his love of cats, and he manages to turn even that into a reason for me to dislike him.)

* I'm aware that I could get a cheap calling card just for Jaehee, but when I added up the cost of the calling cards for all the specific characters I'd like, it was clear that it'd be a better value just to get the calling card that covers everyone, although it involves spending more in one go.

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