Thursday, May 26, 2016

BookLikes may have been sold

I originally posted this over at BookLikes, but I'll reblog it here in case BookLikes suddenly disappears. Which, considering that no one on the site has had any contact with BookLikes employees since maybe May 19th, is a very real concern.

In light of the stuff reported in my original post, I plan to try to recreate my BookLikes reading lists over at LibraryThing and maybe use a LibraryThing export to get my Goodreads shelves back to something resembling up-to-date. I'm not really a big fan of Goodreads, but I loved the social interaction over at Booklikes, and Goodreads is, as far as I know, the only other site capable of providing something similar. Crossing my fingers that BookLikes continues to exist and thrive.


In case you aren't following the Bug Reports discussion, YouKneeK and I have come across some details that may indicate that Booklikes was sold.

YouKneeK found that Dawid Piaskowski stopped being Booklikes' "CEO and cofounder" in April 2016. I discovered that Joanna Grzelak-Piaskowska, Booklikes' other cofounder and owner, sold Booklikes in 2016 ("After selling to Bauer Media Group in 2015 and BookLikes in 2016, Joanna with her husband are already working on something new."). Considering the info about Dawid, I would guess that the sale happened sometime last month.

I've searched Google and several business and company info databases and have been unable to find anything about the new owner(s). Dawid Piaskowski is still listed as the owner of the site's domain name.

If anyone finds any other info, please let the rest of us know! At the moment, I'm most concerned about the owner's plans. If they intended to keep the site running, wouldn't they have introduced themselves? And, if they didn't intend to keep it running, what did they buy it for? All I can think that they might want is any data it has generated or collected. Which is a little worrisome.


[Additional developments, 5/30/16] BookLikes tweeted this today:

They still haven't commented directly on the site (since May 19th, I think?), although supposedly they will soon.

This response leaves me feeling confused, since it doesn't jibe at all with what was written in The Hundert, but it's possible there was an error in translation or something.

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