Saturday, April 2, 2016

March Skoshbox

March's Skoshbox was a little skimpier than usual, because several of the snacks were larger. The box included: 1 resealable bag of High-Chew Premium: Japanese Grape (premium candy coated hichew); 1 package of Yogurt-Sour Tabs (tangy yogurt candy); 1 tray of Puchi Ichigo Cookie (mini strawberry chookies with chocolate chips); 1 Doraemon Monaka (Doraemon shaped chocolate monaka); and 1 bag of Yuki No Yado Senbei (lightly frosted senbei (Hokkaido milk)).

Hi-Chew Premium: Japanese Grape:

These were like grape-flavored Ao-Be Soda Gum in terms of taste and texture - chewy and a little bit fizzy (but not tongue-staining) - so I thought they might be gum. However, they were more like Starburst candies, because they did eventually dissolve.

Like I mentioned in my post for the February Skoshbox, I'm not a fan of grape-flavored things. Still, this wasn't bad, and I liked that the package was resealable.

Yogurt-Sour Tabs:

These were chalky, slightly sour-sweet candies. Not bad, although not my favorite thing in the box. I could probably find an American equivalent (similar to SweeTarts, but not as sour, or maybe Smarties?), but it would comes in a variety of flavors, while this candy package only contained one. I wouldn't have guessed that the flavor was yogurt if the name of the candy hadn't said so.

Puchi Ichigo Cookie:

These were very similar to chocolate chip cookies, except they were slightly pink and tasted a little like strawberries. They were very crunchy.

These weren't bad, but given a choice between strawberry-flavored chocolate chip cookies and regular ones, I'd choose regular ones.

Doraemon Monaka:

This was yummy, and gone too quickly. It was basically aerated chocolate sandwiched in a Doraemon-shaped sugar cone-like shell. A little googling tells me that the stuff I thought was sugar cone might have actually been made from mochi. It's not specifically mentioned in the ingredients, so I'm not sure.

Whatever it was, it was good. Taste and texture-wise, it was basically like eating one of the Mini Caplico Cones from the December 2015 Skoshbox.

Yuki No Yado Senbei:

These were very crunchy, with an overall flavor like toasted rice and sugar. Their flavor was layered, salty at first, and then sweeter milk-and-sugar.

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