Friday, February 12, 2016

February Skoshbox

February's Skoshbox was overwhelmingly fantastic. My only wish was that there had been more of certain snacks. The box included: 1 box Pucca: Chocolate Crisps (crispy pretzel shell with chocolate filling), 1 Chibimaruko Marshmallow (grape jelly mini marshmallows), 1 Pekochan Parasol Choco (strawberry or chocolate parasol pop - I got chocolate), 1 Coffee Beat (creamy chocolate-covered coffee), 1 bag Veggie-Ottotto (puffed crispy veggie chips: consomme seasoning), 2 Soft Oreo: Vanilla (soft Oreo cakes-vanilla cream).

Pucca: Chocolate Crisps:

Little shapes (jellyfish?) made out of a crispy cookie shell filled with chocolate. These were delicious and reminded me strongly of snacks I'd had in Germany years ago. After a bit of Googling, I learned that those were probably something called Koala's March, which actually started off as Japanese snacks. I guess the similarity between the two isn't very surprising, then.

Chibimaruko Marshmallow:

A little package of four marshmallows with a bit of grape jelly in their centers. This reminded me of the Hello Kitty Marshmallows from the November 2015 Skoshbox, except I liked those more. Have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of grape-flavored anything? This was the only snack in this month's Skoshbox that I disliked. I wish the jelly center in these had been any other fruit flavor but grape. Ah well, at least the grape part was relatively small and the marshmallows were good and soft.

Pekochan Parasol Choco:

Cone-shaped chocolate on a little plastic parasol handle - with its wrapper still on, this looked like a little parasol. This was chocolate, so I knew it would at least be decent. It reminded me of the little chocolate suckers I used to get as a kid. According to the little booklet that came with my subscription box, this snack comes in either chocolate or strawberry flavor, so I'm happy I got chocolate.

Coffee Beat:

If someone decided to release a coffee-flavored M&M variety, it might taste something like this. As far as appearance went, they looked like little coffee beans.

I had thought these were going to be chocolate-covered espresso beans, so the reality took a little getting used to, but they were pretty good. I also liked that they came in a resealable cardboard tube, so I could have a little and then save the rest for later.


Puffed savory snacks, very crunchy. These were yummy, but gone too quickly. The packaging made it look like they'd all be shaped like various vehicles, but in reality they tended to look like other things: a rabbit, a carrot, a duck, and even a whale wearing a hat. I have no clue if that's actually what those all were supposed to look like.

Soft Oreo-Vanilla:

Vanilla cream sandwiched between two soft chocolate cakes. These were small (and each package only included one) but they were delicious. Thankfully, if I get a craving for another one of these, it shouldn't be too hard to find something similar among, say, Hostess products. I hope.

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