Saturday, December 12, 2015

December Skoshbox

It's time to review the next Skoshbox! This month's box was amazing, but gone way too quickly. It included: 1 Blueberry Collon (blueberry cream-filled crispy shell), 1 Pejoy: Cookies & Cream (cookies & cream filled biscuit sticks), 1 Bisco Cafe Au Lait (cafe au lait cream filled biscuits), 1 Pocky Demitasse, and 2 Mini Caplico Cones (these possible flavors: vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate). The box also came with a mini Pocky keychain pen.

Blueberry Collon:

If I had to pick a least-favorite snack in this box, it would be this one, although I enjoyed it too. It was a little baggie of crispy cookie (waffle cone-like?) cylinders filled with blueberry-flavored cream. They were delicious, although several of them had half of their crunchy shell broken off. Also, the little cylinder shapes kind of reminded me of dog treats.

Pejoy: Cookies & Cream:

Hollow chocolate cookie sticks filled with vanilla cream. These were very good. One advantage they had over Pocky sticks was that the cream went all the way through, so every bite included both cookie and cream. Also, since the outside of the sticks weren't covered in anything, I didn't have to worry about getting melted chocolate or cream on my fingers.

Bisco Cafe Au Lait:

Another delicious snack! The little package included five cookie sandwiches – coffee-flavored cream sandwiched between crunchy plain (vanilla-flavored?) cookies.

Pocky Demitasse:

I had actually been given these as a gift before, so I knew what to expect. They were basically shorter-than-normal Pocky sticks. The flavor: chocolate cookie sticks dipped in rich chocolate (maybe semi-sweet chocolate?). These were so good, and gone so quickly.

Mini Caplico Cones:

The two flavors that came with my box were strawberry and chocolate. They didn't look like they'd be that great – they were basically tall waffle cones with what looked like brown or pink (depending on the flavor) Styrofoam at the top. Thankfully, they were tastier than they looked. The Styrofoam-like part was actually some kind of aerated filling. Although it wasn't soft or creamy to the touch, it melted in my mouth and tasted better than I expected. The strawberry flavor started out with strawberry at the top and turned into a little core of chocolate by the time I hit the bottom of the cone. The chocolate-flavored one was chocolate all the way through.

I doubt I'll ever get attached enough to specific Skoshbox snacks to order them through the site, but December's box was certainly a winner. There were no snacks I disliked, and the little keychain pen was cute.

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