Sunday, March 8, 2015

Field Research (e-short story) by M.C.A. Hogarth

"Field Research" is a story in the anthology The Furry Future, but it was also distributed as a freebie to Hogarth's newsletter subscribers and Patreon supporters. I subscribe to Hogarth's newsletter.

No read-alikes list for this one.


This very short story gives some of the background of Kis'eh't, a Glaseah who later becomes a crew member of the Earthrise.

Kis'eh't is a brilliant chemist who had her pick of high-paying jobs but chose one that offered more interesting and flexible research opportunities. For her, doing research and practicing her religion are the same thing. It's all she wants to do, so it shakes her to her core when she learns that one of her research assistants has been terminated, and why.

This is a nice little extra for fans of Hogarth's Pelted Universe, although I wouldn't recommend it to Pelted Universe newbies. Kis'eh't's issues with academia and her internal struggle with the ethical issues surrounding her research's funding wouldn't be all that unfamiliar. However, there were other bits that would make more sense to those with a better grounding in the overall Pelted Universe.

I don't know that I'll ever reread this, but it was still nice seeing the Glaseahn religion through the perspective of a Glaseah whose area of study was a hard science, rather than soft.

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