Saturday, July 19, 2014

Of Swine and Roses (e-short story) by Ilona Andrews

Of Swine and Roses is a short, self-published fantasy (urban fantasy?) story. It's only 20 pages long on my Nook.

No read-alikes for this one. It'd probably take me longer to come up with the list than it did to read the story.


Alena Koronov reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Chad Thurman after her mother tells her it will increase their family's chances of getting a desperately needed loan. The date goes badly and ends with Alena covered in clay and coal dust, in possession of a pig, and possibly in trouble with the Thurman family. But even bad dates can have some good consequences.

I bought this a long time ago, I think from All Romance Ebooks, although it doesn't appear to be for sale there anymore. It's such a short story that I'm not really sure what I can say about it without spoiling things.

The world was filled with magical family politics that was so sensitive a teenager's date could make or break an alliance. I liked Alena and was glad things turned out well for her in the end. This was a quick, cute read with a resolution that reminded me a little of a fairy tale.

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