Friday, July 25, 2014

Flying Solo (e-short story) by Wade J. McMahan

I checked this out from Freading in order to test whether they had fixed their problems yet. Sadly, the answer was no. I hate this - Freading used to be fabulous, and now I consider it to barely be usable. Their app has gotten worse. This time around, I couldn't even get font size changes to stick, and the default font size was abnormally small. All I'd like is for things to go back to the way they were before Freading updated their site, when it was possible to use something other than their crappy app.

Okay, moving on to the story itself. I'm not going to list any read-alikes, because the story is so short.


Flying Solo was a short fantasy story about two fairies meeting each other in a bug bar. The one fairy, Rupert the Low, had been sent by the fairy queen to criticize the slovenliness of the other fairy, Larry. Specifically, his hairy legs, which he refused to encase in tights.

I'm not much of a short story reader, and this kind of story isn't the sort to make me change my mind. It seemed kind of pointless. It's listed as “comedy” on the publisher's site, but it didn't strike me as being very funny. I suppose Larry could be considered clever, for finding a way to wriggle out of getting in trouble. In all honesty, though, it wasn't so much that Larry was clever as Rupert was just not very bright.

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