Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Freading's latest "upgrade"

First, some background. A couple days ago, I tried to download another book from Freading, my public library's e-book lending service. I read on my tablet via Mantano Reader, and this has been working well for me since I started using the site. For some reason, however, my latest attempt to download from the site didn't work. I've since tried upgrading everything, from my Chrome app to my operating system. Nothing fixed the problem.

After a few back-and-forth emails with the Freading's tech support, I think I've figured out what happened, and I'm not happy. Freading recently did a site and app upgrade. It looks like part of the "upgrade" involved making the Freading app the absolute only way users could read Freading e-books on mobile devices. Since I didn't have the Freading app installed, there was nothing for the website to connect to, so it couldn't download and open any books.

I really hope they rethink this, but, from the tone of the emails I was sent, I'm not sure they think there's a problem. Since I'd like to continue to use Freading, I suppose I'll see how the Freading app works for me (please please please let there be decent visual display options and note-taking features). I just have to get over my feelings of disappointment first.

ETA: I've been told by Freading's tech support that I'm free to use any reading app I'd like. I'd love to know how I'm supposed to do that when the Freading site is refusing to communicate with anything but the Freading app. *headdesk*

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