Friday, August 2, 2013

Unexpected, but yay!

I was clicking through new Netflix catalog titles and came across something I never thought I'd ever see. Remember how, in my Digimon: Digital Monsters post I wrote:
"I've never seen the unedited version of the show and will probably never have the opportunity to do so."
Well. I was wrong. I now have the opportunity to do so. Not only has Netflix added the edited, English-dubbed version of the show, they've also added the original version with English subtitles. I don't care that I thought the first volume of the English dubbed version was disappointingly mediocre, I am so excited that I can now watch the original version.

Right. Now I'm off to watch a mirror-world version of one of Teenage Me's favorite shows. Yay!

Edit: Four episodes and a bag of popcorn later and my verdict so far is that it's not actually all that much different from the English dub version. The music, closing credits, and some of the names are different and so are a lot of lines (fewer corny jokes, if the subs are accurate). Mimi seems slightly less vapid, and some of the character relationships are handled/explained a little differently.

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