Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm on Goodreads now!

Just like the post title says, I'm on Goodreads now. Yup, I finally caved and got myself an account. I'm still figuring stuff out, but the statistical information alone makes me wish I'd gotten an account sooner. Plus, I love being able to easily compare my reading tastes to that of other users.

So far, I've only posted my most recent review. I've rated all the books I'd previously privately rated, which means everything I've read in the past year plus all of the e-books I've read. The only things I haven't included are audiobooks, since my ratings for those tend to be very influenced by my opinions about the reader(s). I may go back and add them anyway. I'm also considering retrospectively adding reviews to all those rated books.


  1. Sigh.

    I thought LibraryThing would have appealed to the cataloger in you.

    1. I got a LibraryThing account a while back, but for some reason it never caught on with me, and I just stopped using it. It'll be interesting to see how long Goodreads appeals to me. Right now, it's like a shiny new toy.

    2. I've got a Goodreads account too, but it's too much bother to maintain it. It's a lot of bother with LibraryThing too but I've been with them so long that I get something free every month now - either an ARC or an audiobook - just because I try to review every single book I read or listen to.