Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Digital Manga titles on All Romance Ebooks

The good news: Digital Manga Publishing has added several titles to All Romance Ebooks (do a publisher search for "Digital Manga Publishing."

The bad news (at least for me): They are all DRM-protected.

I'd probably have bought at least one of them if they had been DRM-free, even though I'd have had to read it on my computer. However, I'm still sticking to my "buy DRM-free" rule, and I haven't wanted anything badly enough yet to break that rule.

Anyway, back to ARe. There's one oddity involving Better Than a Dream (which is a novel, not manga like all the others). If you do a search for all works by Raica Sakuragi, you'll see Better Than a Dream listed three times in ARe. The Digital Manga Publishing version is DRM-protected. The Digital Manga, Inc. version is also DRM-protected. However, the DIGITAL MANGA, INC. version (yes, in ARe, searching is case-sensitive) is DRM-free. All three versions are the same price. I have no idea why the publisher is doing this. Maybe it's a mistake, or maybe they're testing how something sells with DRM vs. without. The DRM-free version has been there since I first blogged about it back in May, so, if it's a mistake, they haven't noticed it yet.

I'm currently reading Frank Tuttle's Dead Man's Rain, but, once I finish that, I think I'll switch to Better Than a Dream, so I can give my feedback on whether it's worth swooping in and buying it DRM-free. Here's hoping Better Than a Dream is better than The Selfish Demon King.

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