Friday, June 22, 2012

My dad's visiting!

If I manage to get a post done this weekend, I'll be amazed - my weekend has gone from "slightly booked" to "so much stuff to do!" Assuming all goes well, I'll be picking up my dad tonight and bringing him over for his first visit to my place since I moved here almost 4 years ago. Then I'm working on Sunday. That leaves maybe a little of Saturday for writing, depending on when my dad needs to get back on the road. If I do find time to write something up, here's what you'll likely be reading about:
  • Dead Inside: Do Not Enter: Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse (book) - This book is part of a collaborative project designed to document humanity's survival in a fictional alternate world in which the zombie apocalypse has taken place. The book is a collection of handwritten or typed notes and photographs.
  • Last Car to Annwyn Station (e-book) by Michael Merriam - A fantasy novel set in contemporary Minneapolis. It features a magical streetcar, fairies, and an animated corpse. This isn't a romance novel, but there is a bit of romance between the book's two main female characters.
Now, off to go eat something before it's time to go to the truck stop.

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