Thursday, May 31, 2012

Digital Manga, Inc. on All Romance Ebooks!

I was doing a quickie check of the All Romance Ebooks site...and spotted a Digital Manga, Inc. title. That's right, Digital Manga is apparently starting to sell stuff through ARe. Even better, from my perspective: the files are plain old EPUB, no DRM protection, which means I can buy them without breaking my personal e-book buying rule. There are only two titles available right now, The Selfish Demon King by Kyoko Wakatsuki (see Digital Manga's page for more info) and Better Than a Dream by Raica Sakuragi (see Digital Manga's page for more info).

Since I have made this mistake before myself, I feel it necessary to make this clear: these are novels, not manga. They'll have a few illustrations, but that's about it. Unfortunately, someone has already incorrectly tagged ARe's Better Than a Dream page with "graphic novel" and "manga."

I wish the descriptions and excerpts sounded more appealing, but I may end up buying at least one of these anyway, in the hope of encouraging Digital Manga to sell more through ARe. I'm curious about how good these will look on my Nook. Because of the images, the results could potentially be wonky, since I own a First Edition, not Color or tablet (although Project Gutenberg e-books with images have looked fine, so who knows?).

UPDATE, 7/17/12 - I went ahead and bought both books. I didn't even bother to read reviews, which was maybe a mistake, but reviews probably wouldn't have stopped me either. The books display just fine on my Nook. Here's hoping that Digital Manga adds more of their books to ARe (or finally emails me an answer to the question I sent them, asking about whether the books they sell through B&N have DRM - B&N's response was that all their e-books, even their free ones, have DRM, which is incorrect).

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