Saturday, June 12, 2010

The new computer is all hooked up!

Hooking the new computer up went mostly ok - actually, the part that caused me the most grief was physically setting up my monitor (moving the neck and base into place). After some frustrated tears and a while of receiving simultaneous help from both HP customer service (via the Internet) and my dad (via a phone), I finally figured out that I just wasn't putting enough muscle into moving the neck of the monitor.

So it's all set up now, and the only website I've been to that doesn't look totally dwarfed by my monitor is my own blog - again, big round of applause for widths determined by percentages.

Next on my list of stuff to get is a new computer desk. My current desk has always had serious design issues, and it certainly wasn't intended to be used with a monitor this size. Still, I'm not wild about putting a desk together, so I may live with the one I've got for a while.

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