Monday, December 21, 2009

Packed in like sardines, some of which might eat each other

I just found out that, since I'm not going home for Christmas, my parents will probably be coming to me. And bringing their two dogs. Depending on how all the plans (ha, plans!) work out, I may have to figure out how to cram three people, two dogs, and one rat into my tiny apartment for a couple days. Since the thought freaks me out a little, I'm looking into hotels that accept pets. Miracle of miracles, it looks like there are still rooms free, but for how much longer I don't know. I can afford to put everyone up in a hotel room for a couple days, but can I convince my mom to let me do that? Who knows.

One phone call: all it takes to instantly and simultaneously ramp up stress, worry, and happiness levels.


  1. So glad to hear that you get to see your family. We're doing the cram-people-into-apartment thing, too. Fortunately we don't have dogs in the mix. Oh, well, Christmas is meant to be cozy.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Good luck on your end. With the way the weather has gotten, I'm a little worried about my parents being out on the road, but my mom seems determined to do this no matter what. It looks like I may have been overruled on the hotel - I'm hoping that my air mattress inflates ok, because otherwise someone has to sleep on a blanket on the floor. Well, we may all be sleep-deprived but it will still be nice to see everyone. :)