Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another boring blog update...

Lately, I've just barely managed to keep to my publication schedule. Today, I've made up for that a bit by writing enough posts to last me for about a week. In theory, that means that I can afford not to finish up posts every once in a while, but I can almost guarantee that I'm not going to be writing anything again until I run out of the scheduled posts I've just finished. I have a decent excuse, though - work pays my bills, and therefore deserves a bigger chunk of my time than my blog, which doesn't pay me a cent. I do want to give myself a better blogging cushion, however, since I'm going to be going to a conference next month to learn more about how my library might start doing authority control.

I'm happy to see, though, that I seem to be getting more visitors lately, and that more of the visitors I do get are actually staying to look around and maybe even read things. Very nifty.

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