Friday, October 19, 2018

Dramafever has shut down

I'd probably have found this out a lot sooner if I'd been paying better attention, since apparently the shutdown happened October 16th. I'd been meaning to look into why my next subscription renewal had been canceled but figured that it was due to someone finally noticing that I'd had the much cheaper Dramafever Birthday subscription price for the past several years. My year-long subscription had only just renewed in August, so I'm hoping I'm one of the folks they're planning on giving a refund to (their latest email states they'll be doing refunds shortly), but if I was supposed to do anything on my end it's probably too late. Well, if I missed out at least it wasn't too much money.

I never used my Dramafever membership as much as I should have, but it's still sad to see another streaming option go away, especially since it was one of the more stable niche streaming options I'd tried, with a pretty nice catalog of shows available. And ugh, I just realized that I was only one or two episodes away from finishing the live action version of The Perfect Insider. Looks like I'll be jumping over the Crunchyroll for a bit just to finish that one up.

Edit: Paypal notified me that I've received a refund, so at least there's that. At some point, I might look at what the current streaming options are beyond Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Crunchyroll (I will probably be annoyed with them forever, and there's the added issue, as far as I know, of them not having a Samsung app anymore). At the moment, between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and my massive backlog of unwatched DVDs, I have plenty of anime, K-dramas, and other things to watch.

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