Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! Plus, some goals

I don't have many specific reading goals, since those tend to paralyze me and then depress me when I don't meet them. One that I've been doing each year since I joined Goodreads is read a certain number of works. In 2014, my goal was 125, based on what I'd managed to finish the previous year. I surpassed my goal, so this year I'm aiming for 142 works.

Other things I'd like to accomplish:
  • I want to get back to privately rating everything I read and watch. I had ratings for the stuff I'd read last year, because of my LibraryThing account, but I had nothing for the things I watched, and I realized I missed that.
  • I want to finish more of my physical TBR/TBW pile. I don't have a specific goal, like “X number of DVDs and books a month,” but I need to do something, because I'm out of storage space again. I have multiple copies of some things, which isn't really necessary. For example, I have several releases of Cowboy Bebop and plan on donating one copy to my library once I finish deciding which one I'm willing to part with.
  • In 2014, I started a BookLikes reading list of science fiction and fantasy by women authors. It now has 264 books on it, with only a few authors making repeat appearances. Prior to putting this list together, I had thought I was well-versed in women SFF authors. It was amazing to realize how limited my reading has actually been, and how most lists tend to cover the same dozen or so women. I'd like to read more books from this list, and maybe recreate the list over at LibraryThing.

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