Sunday, February 16, 2014


I've started adding some of my reviews to Smashwords. Since I make use of reviews and ratings there, I figured I should contribute some of my own. It feels a little awkward, though - I think I might have some of the longest reviews on the site. I'm debating posting condensed reviews instead. The problem with that is that it would require more work - copying and pasting what I've already written is easier.


  1. Never apologize for long reviews! Long reviews can't help but be more helpful to potential readers than short ones. And posting on multiple sites help authors, too. I say, go for it!

    1. That's reassuring to hear! With the way Smashwords displays reviews, I fretted about filling up product pages with huge blocks of text. I felt so awkward that I actually went hopping around the site, hoping to find someone else with really long reviews. I came across a few, but they're rare.

      I got a few reviews up, but I need to go through and load the rest. Considering the number of Smashwords books in my collection, I'm surprised I haven't read more - a few by four different authors, counting you, and that's it.