Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nook trial time!

I'm so excited - someone is letting me borrow their Nook!  I've only used it a little so far. I had forgotten how bad its responsiveness is (although possibly this Nook is an older version than what's being sold now? Are there older versions of the Nook, beyond one being Wi-fi, one 4G, and one color?).

I downloaded a couple PDFs to see how those would look. I had thought that pictures in a PDF would just be changed to grayscale once on the Nook - but ohhh no, instead they were stripped out and the formatting of the document was extremely wonky, almost unreadable in areas. The other PDF I downloaded had no pictures. The formatting was also a bit off on this one, but the result was much more readable.

My plan is to try some Project Gutenberg books and some of the free books the person I'm borrowing this from already has on there. This will also give me a chance to see how I feel about it after reading on it for a while. And, yes, I have already said many thanks to the person who's letting me borrow it - I thought it was very nifty of her to offer to let me do this.


  1. I'm pretty sure that one of the big complaints about the Nook when it first came out was the slow page refresh rate. That was supposedly fixed in later versions...not sure when that happened, though. You might very well have one of the early Nooks.

  2. Thanks for the info - yes, that's very possible. I know this Nook is hand-me-down from one of her parents.

  3. I received the newest version of the Nook Color for my birthday this past February and I ABSOLUTELY love it! I have downloaded a few books with no issues. One of my favorite features is Free Friday. Each Friday, B&N chooses a book and you have the option to download it for free. They also have free books on their website that can be downloaded in PDF. So far I have had great success with everything I've tried to do.

    Hope you decide you like it! Enjoy...

  4. After trying the Nook out for only a day, I already find myself wishing it were possible to borrow or rent other e-readers - there are some things about the Nook that really annoyed me when I first started using it that turned out to be easier to get used to than I thought (like the page refresh rate). I'd LOVE to be able to do a similar trial of the Kindle and the Nook Color - particularly the Nook Color, because I'd be interested to see what it's like using a back-lit e-reader for an hour vs. using an e-reader with e-ink for an hour.

    At this point, considering price and file format issues, the Nook is looking even more likely for me. I'm very glad I'm getting to try it out, because it's soothed some of my worries about it, although I'm even more certain now that physical books will still be more popular with me than e-books.