Saturday, January 8, 2011

New template!

I'm using one of the new templates now! This is actually the second new template I've tried today.

Happily, the switch went pretty smoothly. I had to add the drop down label lists HTML again when I switched from the old template to a new one, but the drop down lists weren't affected when I switched from one new template to another. That's good - I wouldn't want to have to fix them every time I switch my template in the future.


  1. Very crisp and easy on the eye. I like the colors and the contrast between the type and the background. Nice look.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Since my posts tend to be long, I tried to go for something that seemed like it wouldn't cause much eyestrain. However, this also seems a bit too generic to me. I noticed that Blogger now has an option to upload your own images for use in your templates, so I may try that once I've got something worth using.