Sunday, January 31, 2010

A couple Moribito-related comments

First, if you plan on buying Moribito (the complete series) from Walmart (and perhaps other retailers?), a little warning: as far as I can tell, the "production art booklet" mentioned on the back of the DVD case is not included. I thought that my copy was just missing the booklet, so I went back and talked to Customer Service. An employee there opened up another copy, and that one also had no booklet, despite what the back of the case said. I'm currently trying to decide if it's worth the effort to contact Anime Works. On the one hand, I'm lazy. On the other hand, when I pay for something that says it includes something and then it doesn't, I'd like a chance to get that missing thing, if possible.

Second, while in the Customer Service department, I had a conversation about anime with one of the Walmart employees. She told me that she had watched a little of Moribito and hadn't really liked it - she prefers "newer" anime, like Bleach. I just nodded, since there is little point in arguing with someone in Customer Services about something like this, but I couldn't help but think, "Isn't Moribito newer than Bleach?" True, Bleach is still ongoing and Moribito ended almost two and a half years ago, but Bleach first started airing in 2004, while Moribito first started airing in 2007. I like Bleach better than Moribito, too, but not because of some mistaken assumption that Bleach is "newer."

Still, it was nice to actually meet another anime fan in person, especially one who's closer to my age. I can only hope that more of them come out of the woodwork once all the anime- and manga-inspired live action movies start coming out in theaters.

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