Thursday, September 11, 2008

Withdrawal in my future

I was just browsing the online catalog of the public library in the town I'll be moving to and discovered that I'm going to be going through some serious withdrawal. They don't collect many (or, in some cases, any) of the books by a lot of the authors I like, and the only manga title they have even a little of is Fruits Basket, a title I already collect on my own. Considering the price of a volume of manga, once I'm done finishing up all the posts I've already written about several manga volumes, it's highly unlikely that you'll be seeing much of that here. I'll try my best, but I have a feeling my paychecks are going to be stretched pretty tightly just by necessities like food, shelter, and transportation.

Aw, I'm going to miss finding out what happens next in Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and more... It's one of the drawbacks of moving to a small town. Here's hoping I can at least afford to continue buying Fruits Basket and Loveless.

By the way, there's definitely going to be an interruption in published posts - I haven't bothered to finish anything in quite some time. Just planning the move and figuring out how and where I'm going to buy a car is taking all my time and energy. I just read a blog post snippet about how overrated car ownership is - I'd agree (the overall cost, compared to what I've been paying for public transit, is enough to make me feel kind of nauseous), except that living without a car in the town I'm moving to would be impossible. Although they have something they like to call public transportation, it's really just a joke. But goodness, just think about all the novels and manga I could buy if car ownership wasn't looming in my future.

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