Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4th Anniversary

This is one of three blogs I've created, and it's the only one that's still going strong.

When I first started blogging I had an...excessive...amount of time to read and watch things and blog about them. I wasn't sure what would happen to this blog after I got a full-time job, but I think I've managed to keep up with my posting fairly well. Sort of. I at least manage to post something almost every week, even if I can't seem to get caught up.

Sometimes it's been tempting to quit, but I keep writing posts because, in the end, it's a great way to encourage myself to think about the things I've read and watched. Some of my posts are really easy to write and some of them are much less so. I've been working on an e-book post for a couple weeks now that just doesn't seem to be coming out right - I'm crossing my fingers that I'll finally have that ready to publish by this weekend.

As you can tell, I really didn't plan out anything for my anniversary post. It's been a rough week, it will probably be an even rougher year, and there's been a lot for me to think about lately. I've been debating changing my review post structure to something shorter, or maybe just doing short posts for the things that give me the most trouble (like that e-book). With manga, I might write posts that cover multiple volumes, since writing single-volume review posts doesn't seem to be working for me. Well, I'll think it over some more.

Now I'm going to go ignore that e-book blog post some more and get some sleep.


  1. Congratulations on reaching the four-year milestone. I know how much time and effort goes into keeping a blog alive for that long...but it's worth it. Looking forward to many more years from you.

    1. Thank you! I'm amazed I've managed to keep it going this long. It's fun looking at some of the older posts, and it's reminded me of the authors/series I meant to read more of.

  2. I've had my book blog a few months longer than you, but you have been far more prolific! I think if we make blogging an obligation, it loses its appeal. Adjust as you need to. I've got a backlog of at least a dozen books too, some that I'll probably never write about because I just did not feel that strongly about them one way or the other. My posts have become shorter as I've become busier too.

    1. I've had problems with keeping my word count in check since I was writing papers in high school and college - for the most part, I've let that tendency run wild on my blog. :)

      I know I've got to make some adjustments to my post-writing, so I'm not using quite so much energy and time on them, but I still feel resistant for some reason. I've done shorter write-ups of books in the past without trouble, mostly because I tell myself a "full" post will be forthcoming, even though the "full" posts sometimes never happened. In theory, it shouldn't be that hard to take the next step and write shorter posts with the understanding that those posts are the "full" post, but I have a feeling it's going to take some work getting my inner guilt tripper to shut up.


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