Saturday, July 4, 2009

My apartment is alive!

I think something is living in one of the walls in my kitchen - it started out somewhere in the vicinity of my oven. I've got a beetle that's been trying to get out of my standing lamp for the past hour, and I've killed four beetles crawling on my carpet today. I have also scooped up and thrown out several overturned June bugs. Thank goodness those things are no longer energetic enough to fly - earlier in the summer, they would fly around and beat themselves against my blinds and my walls, freaking me out until I figured out what was making all the racket.

The bug problem seems to be especially bad today (although the thing in my kitchen walls may be a mouse - I suppose it could be a very large and energetic beetle, but that thought frightens me). I can't wait until the weather starts to cool down again and all these creatures go away for a while.

(Only 20 minutes later) - The number of scooped-out June bugs is now up by two more. I swear, these things teleport into my apartment. I can hear them bashing themselves against the screen over my living room window.

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