Saturday, January 3, 2009

Watching stuff online, continued

While doing a little reading on Anime News Network (all anime/manga lovers should visit this site), I discovered that there's another site in competition with - This site also has a section for anime. Unfortunately, whoever designed the organizational structure for the site must never have considered real people actually using it, because it's horribly difficult to use. For instance, tomorrow I'll be publishing a post on Black Blood Brothers, most of which I've seen on I can see the final 3 episodes of the series in, but to be sure of that I had to first go to Anime News Network and check what the titles of those episodes are, because doesn't bother to provide an easy-to-navigate numbered list of those episodes. will still be my primary place to view anime, but it's nice to know that is there. I'll write a post about the final 3 episodes of Black Blood Brothers at some point, and I'll be sure to mention what the viewing experience was like on versus

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